please take a screen shot for me


We have to use maya at work and i try to set my maya to work as CLOSE to i can as xsi (hotkeys) the studio is getting me xsi but they want me to get comfortable in maya again. In the meantime…can someome PLEASE grab a prt scrn of the xsi color preferences for me so i can change all my verts, wires to look like xsi colors in the viewport. i dont have xsi here but the colors in maya sicken me and it would make me feel more like home. so could someone please grab that color pref window and upload me the images of all the colors so i can set up maya like that? i would appreciate it so much being i love xsi so damn much! thanks in advance appreciate this so much!


I feel ya bruther…
Just remember to be flexible. Someday you may not have any choice, but to use an ugly software.


perfect, thanks so so so much. xsi is like…home for me and this is like going back home or something…cant explain it but again, thanks so much. :slight_smile:


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