Please save me from mytexturing nightmare!


Okay right, so I’m in the middle of a texuring nightmare in Maya! I’ve got my character, who has a completely naked top half all in one piece UV-Mapped (finally) using 8 different UV sets, to each of which I have applied a seperate shading group. I did this so that I was not working on one HUGE map.

My troubles come at the borders between sets, and the borders between polygons where I’ve had to slice up the model to lay it flat. How do I deal with the joins? I could just paint the same flat colour at all the border edges, but there are some large-scale colour changes that I want to carry over, not to mention fine bump detail.

I thought I could do it by copying, then rotating and scaling a piece of the texture in Photoshop, then painting over it (if that makes sense), but it still wouldn’t be perfect.

Then I thought, for the bump, convert solid texture! I’d just use a 3D texture and that would sort out the joins automatically, as long as I didn’t touch it at the edges. But NO! Stupid frickin bastard Maya won’t do convert solid texture when I’ve got multiple UV sets, it’ll only do it for the first UV set (the head)!!!

Please, does someone know a good workflow for doing this? I think I’m just gonna have to have a lot simpler colours on him as I haven’t got much time left before I need to start rigging. please somebody! Or do I just have to do it the slow and tedious way of trying to match up my painting along the edges? Surely there’s got to be a better way, people do fully naked creatures with complex skin textures all the time!


you have to make a uv shell but can only be done on one map
so use ramps at the edges with transparency to fade in to next texture

or map it then unwrap a whole image and see where you need to paint the blend edges otherwise put all sets on one map

you have to sew the uv edges to make a shell from all the uv sets
but i would think they all need to be on one map


I know I was thinking that, but now I can’t copy the UVs from one set to another. If I try, the copied UVs completely override those in the set I’m trying to copy to


just select the faces in the uv window"uv" but doit in face mode
then make a select set
and make a new project on the map with the others so you may so it

well i am sure you know
then i guess delet the temp nodes from the hyper graph


Yeah but then I’d have to redo all the horrible UV work for the hands and stuff!

I just finished mapping my guy (temporarily). I got round the problem by saying “sod bump” and just using a low-detail colour map. I’ll post him in the WIP forum now…

I got him looking alright I think, as long as the shading on the rest of my scene (if there is any) follows.

Anyways, must start rigging now!! Aaargh!


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