Please rate first model


Ok here is my first model Ever! I used Wings 3d and it is currently:

Faces: 442

Edges: 981

Vertices: 557

so please and also of there’s a IN DETAIL tutorial for only WINGS 3D I would like it please!


I guess it’s like a hyberbonic chamber…lol used to hold a creature…but please head/character tut for wings 3d if possible also




Umm, what is it?

I don’t really think there is enough there to give any crits or statmens other wise. If I knew what you where going for I could say something. All it looks like is something mechanical. If thats what you where going for, good job you nailed it. Anyway it looks like a good start to something bigger, show some wireframes.


well, i dont quite get it, but, some cilinders and boxes dont cativate me :stuck_out_tongue: , anyways, i take off my hat , cause its your first 3d model with wings3d, i recomend you get 3ds max or Gmax if you cant afford it, its much easier, and way better :slight_smile:


i second my foreposter, with gmax/3dsmax

to you model, for the first its amazing, really.

give us a wire, i cant see the 442 faces, kind much for an cylindric object for low poly. how many sides does the cylindric thing have?


Have you ever used Wings 3D? Its a hell of alot easier to learn then Max or Gmax, and for character modeling it is so much better, and quicker to use then Gmax.


Also I havent seen too many good tutorials but read the Manual, and and just mess around, its the easiest way to learn what you need to know. It’s how I learned anyways.



As far as pure modeling goes, Wings3D is vastly superior, in terms of both usability and efficiency, to the professional versions of max, maya, xsi…basically everything except Mirai. Also, the Wings3D website has tons and tons of tutorials, covering everything from engineering models to human/anatomy work. They are linked from the front page of the Wings site. Puzzle Paul’s tuts are particularly helpful!

I introduced my buddy at work to Wings3D a few weekends ago and he was able to create a very cool-looking anime figure in just a few hours, with almost no modeling experience and reading a couple tutorials from the Wings website. The Wings3D forum here on CGTalk is a treasure trove of info as well, and the posters there are very helpful.



Yup, nothing wrong with Wings, very capable modeller and easy to pick up I thought.


Well, there are alot of tutorials out there. You don’t neccesarily have to use a wings 3d character tutorial to learn to model a character. Theres not really a different way to do it it every program. Once you learn the interface it’s basically the same. So I would look at other tutorials and adapt them to the wings interface.


Arghhhh I’m getting PISSED! I have used Wings 3d for like mor ethan a year and I can’t even model a damn anime style head regular head ANYTHING I DON’T GET IT trust me when I say in DETAIL tut I mean DETAIL not do this do this “skip step” do this do this blah blah blah I need major help and none of the tuts I see help at all ALL suck I need a hella pure wings 3d tut for head modeling or human anatomy I have no clue what I do wrong but Imma bout to kick my comps ass lol PLEASE HELP ME



y does it never post my comments…



Ive used this…
well the head tutorial from it in both max and maya so I’m sure you could adapt the technique into wings.

Here’s a quote from the tutorial “This tutorial was done in 3ds max 4 but the technique itself is usable across any 3D software that supports subdivisions / meshsmoothing. It assumes that your software also supports the selection and splitting of edgeloops and edgerings although traditional cutting will work too. It’s just so damn much slower…”

[color=White]I’d at least give it a shot.


Have you tryed checking the wings3d website where you got wings3d from. They have a tutorial section there with a user manual and a wide selection of tutorials. The techniques apply from program to program.


Your model looks great for a start. From now on, attempt to achieve more and more complexity. Try sketching your idea first, or look for reference. Character modeling makes great practice. My little brother uses Wings3D to create neat looking head models.

I myself started modeling using Gmax for several months. I highly recommend you DO NOT use Gmax. I didn’t see any progress in modeling until I discovered Wings. If you want to sample a commercial package, Softimage has a free version of XSI that’s simply amazing, it can import .obj files from Wings. MayaPLE is great. Cinema4D Demo is a lot of fun.

Great choice using Wings. Good luck. I suggest learning all the ins and outs of Wings. Then study tutorials of other software. Most rules still apply.


agreed…gmax is the devil…


please. gmax is okay. I’m currently in the process of learning how to model with it, and I’m progressing just fine, as far as I care.

the meshtools plugin for max4 works for gmax as well and adds some useful tools, and you can make free gmax renders using yafray.

now, of course, I’m biased because it’s the only program I can actually use a bit, but I know of some great stuff that was created in gmax and you make it sound like it’s useless.


It’s not useless, it’s just a lot slower to work in than other free programs for most people.


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