Please need help with candle illumination


Hi all, Im trying to iluminate this indoor with some candles, but Im not very good at ilumination yet. I want to use Mental Ray, but Im not sure if I should use final gather, global ilumination or both. Ive tryed making the candle light with a point light in each candle, with quadratic decay, but then i have to set intensity to 200 or so and the near areas get too lighted and the far too dark. Also tryed with very incandescent flames and final gather to use the shader lighting, but neither didnt like the results. I want candles to be the only source of light, cause outside is suposed to be night and through the window just will come in a very soft moon light. Im spending many hours but not having any results, and will apreciate any help.

This render is final gather with a white background, as you’ll see modelling and texturing is not finished at all, and there are weird things like floating shotguns which i forgot to hide :).

Well, thx and sorry for my english!


No one has any idea?


first off all turn off all light sources, keep your candles…(point light)

raise your number of photons…and there intensity…with gi…

tune there radius, and then start playing with other light sources and fg

nice scene!


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