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I said: Pengy, you submitted a nice penguin model just today, didn’t you? You put it on the sticky WIP thread just before Wegg took it down."

I feel like a fool! Wegg didn’t take it down, he just made it unsticky!
It’s a nice penguin, & it’s time for me to hit the sack.


Carl Raillard


You are misunderstanding my suggestion, if that’s what you’re referring to. You can always make your own thread. That way it’s easier for us to follow your work.

Admins couldjust post to the pinned list to keep the occasionally exceptional pieces available in one spot.



But I may need someone to tip me the wink if a troll heaves into sight, my eyesight aint what it used to be.!



A troll is someone with under 5 posts and all of those posts are inflamitory. If someone has a few hundred posts with good and bad suggestions/comments/input. . . they are not a troll.


I named the new thread “Masters Gallery” and started putting some images up. If anyone knows of any more “gems” let me know. Its pretty inspiring when you get all the “slick” images together in one place. Now I want to make something worthy enough to but up there. :slight_smile:


Raillard,thank you for the kind words I’ll post wires when I get a chance. Now to my post, I always thought it was nice to be able to have a single place to show finished work. While I have no problem with starting a wip post it was good to have all the finished work (good,bad or indifferent) gathered together for viewing. And while there is surely no doubt about Weggs talent and professionalism he is only one person. Given the subjective nature of art what he views as being worthy of being placed in the Master’s Gallery and I do could be totally different. Why couldn’t there still be a sticky Finished Gallery were everyone no matter what their talent level could still place their finished works and have them commented on? These would then be rated by the forum members as in the main gallery. And if a piece of work rated above a certain number of stars then and only then it would be moved to the Master gallery. This way it would be a democratic choice and would not be left in one or two hands.


Because new people coming into CGTalk read posts from beginning to end. When “Finshed Work” gets into the 30+ pages of “HOLY CRAP I WISH I COULD BE AS TALLENTED AS YOU” posts. . . it is a major turn off.

I suggest starting your own WIP thread and keep it up to date as you work on your peice. If there is something I have missed that should be in the gallery then please let me know. I do think it is important though to not throw in gobs of clutter like Hash’s gallery. There is stuff I remember doing almost 10 years ago in there. I don’t know how anyone has the time or energy to wade through all that crap. They are sure believers in “Quantity over Quality”. :wink:


May I suggest that in the thread talent is spelled talent, and not tallent. Although everybody knows A:M user’s talent is not spelling. :wink:

Where can we send suggestions?


Just a note, cyberspark’s image isn’t turning up in the pinned thread, I’m guessing hotlink protection…


Hi folks,

Just a suggestion: but could the WIP and finished works threads be done on something line the following basis:

Everyone posts there own ‘work in progress’ thread - with a naming convention on the lines of:


A sticky closed thread with Finished Works - is used to highlight the finalised works. This would carry a one line description of the project, a final image and a link back the relevant WIP project thread. But no other comments. (Similar to the Masters thread)

Once a project is finished - the original artist (or any of the community?) can nominate for the works to be included in the Finished Works thread. Wegg acts as moderator - so he could either accept it immiediately or it gets a community vote and the community decide it should be in the finished works thread…

The benefit of this is are:

  • there is an easily accessible showcase for finished works that links back to to the underpining work in progress thread.
  • AM users can quickly find examples that they might be interested in seeing and jump to the relevent thread. for the context, WIP progress and to read the commentary etc.
  • It prevents the Finished Works thread clogging up with comments that make it difficult to wade through
  • it should be give Wegg and any other moderators an easy means of moderating a finished works thread
  • it preserves the community say on what should or should not be there.
  • the individual WIP threads make it easier to focus and provide support and constructive criticism, commentary and congratulations in context for a given work.

just a suggestion,



If there is a WIP thread that discusses how the final image was made. . . and the image is cool enough. I see no problem also linking to that WIP thread from the Masters thread. I kind of doubt there will be too many of those though. I’d love to be proven wrong. . . but I kind of doubt it.


I’d better go back and FINISH all my WIP threads. I’m hoping my next paying work will keep me so busy I have no time to create new models before finishing old ones…

Wegg… it’s about time we all started proving you wrong then. :slight_smile:


Kudos, Wegg. You’ve got my anti-troll support. :slight_smile:


Hey Wegg,
Jims image links are all broke but here’s a couple threads that adequatley discuss how the final results got done -



This is a great direction to be moving in! I tended to avoid this forum when it never seemed to turn in a positive direction, but now I’m glad to see that the tide has turned :cool:


Well I’m glad you approve. :slight_smile:

Just so you know. . . open opinions are still 100% ok. You can love or hate anything about A:M without any fear. You just have to have the credentials to back those claims up or your gunna get the big ole Troll boot in the ass.


Certainly like the way things are going around here lately. Seems like before the only time things picked up around here was when some troll popped in and got everyone riled up. Definately a nice change of pace. :thumbsup: Nice work Wegg.


Looks like your work is really having an effect. This forum is transformed. I too will try and help maintain it.


Thank you.

The thing is. When I’m under the gun with a contract. . . I can’t hang out here. So the only way this forum and in turn Animation Master is going to get respect from the average CGTalk noob is if we all kinda do our part. So thank you. . .


I think dropping the pinned threads was a good idea, I think work posted there tended to get lost, while with it’s own thread it has more visibility. The contest area also, I think, drained the main forum of a lot of vitality - I don’t suggest doing away with contests, but just keeping everything in the same area, nice and chaotic and alive :slight_smile: