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For some reason. . . and maybe this has always been the case and I just haven’t noticed it. . . but Animation Master’s image here on CGTalk is getting thrashed. This is unjustified, immature and it is hurting both our community and Hash Inc. itself. I am sick of it. I am 100% ok with open discussions about Animation Master but you had better have the experience, knowledge and brains to validate your statements or your history.

I am asking that users of this forum please stop entertaining these obvious trolls. When you see one. Contact Ob or I immediately.

I want us to have open constructive discussions about the application we all enjoy using. After Siggraph there is always an influx of new users. Lets go the extra mile and help them out. Show them what makes Animation Master so unique and powerful.


Do I have your support!?!


Hey Wegg…

I’ve probably entertained or argued the case with/against a couple of trolls here but didn’t realise it might be destructive of the cause. I shall take heed and maybe just surf this forum in future.

Apologies sincerely- I just felt the need to try to clarify to the trolls. It didn’t work.



NOoooo! Dude you have been around forever. Anything that comes out of your mouth is 100% cool. Feel free to join in on any of our conversations. All I’m asking is that we stop feeding the trolls.



Don’t beat yourself up hooch, the natural instinct is to defend yourself and your decisions on the tools the you use. Keep things positive though and don’t bait the wankers and everything will be happier

-David Rogers


So just hit the little report button and see if the photon torpedos launch?


Just name the coordinates capt’n!


My troll shields are up. Saves time ignoring them.


Ok - I’d fall into the new users just finding my feed and slowly getting up to speed with AM.

It was some of the work and discussion on these forums that finally tipped my direction to go with AM for a pet project. My takeway from reading the forums so far has been that the community and Hash went through an evolution that sparked off a passionate debate, a certain degree of tension and that period has passed/ My take on the current generation of tools is thay they deliver to those interested in telling stories with animation a low cost powerful platform that has its quirks, but is l good enough to to do so. Unfortuantely to an outside it does look like either there is a lot of bad feeling towards Hash or somewhere amongst this process you guys got a troll infestation.

As a new user I really appreciate the hints, help, sharing of knowledge and work in progress posts that populate this forum. However the troll posts can be off putting and it takes a time to wade through and find the gems of insight and advice. I am pretty certain many folks might just read the troll posts and not dig further and get the wrong impression of the current generation of tools and the current state of the user community. Be nice for other new users like myself to discover more of the good stuff with out having to wade through the troll residue.

Good luck with the troll patrol!!

oh, and aye, special thanks and cheers for them gems!!


Good Idea Wegg. Maybe if the number of posts of W.I.P.s and finished works increases that’ll shut them up. The proof being in the pudding and such.


I asked permission to post the little thing I was working on but. . . he wanted to keep it under his hat. I honestly envey those of you with the time and tallent required to just do this in your spare time posting freely to forums like this for feedback. :sad:


One thing that I would like to suggest is that the sticky thread for wip is removed - or that people stop using it. I think that it would be much better if people posted seperate threads for their work. I rarely post comments on peoples work in the sticky for several reasons. One is that it feels awkward posting about one persons work without commenting on everyone elses too.

Also, if people start individual threads for their work then we have many more positive threads which will push the “bad” threads down.

maybe if the number of wip/finished work threads gets to high and swamps the general tips and chit-chat then a seperate section for wip stuff could be made.

Just an idea…


Consider it done my wize pommie friend.


I agree with that sentiment. Unhitch the WIP post. Let people have their own WIP posts that they can go to to update, etc…

The current WIP stuff is hard to follow since it’s shared.


How would you guys feel if I trimmed out the Finished Work thread? Just keep the ones with good looking embeded images?


Great idea Wegg!


Maybe post on the top of that thread that new finished works should be posted in their OWN threads. And then make the pinned finished works thread closed or only accessible by the mods- so only certain works get added to it.



Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!



I’d like to chime in my agreement. This is a good idea.

Here’s another thought: Rename the "Finished Works thread. Call it the “Informal Hall of Fame” or “CGTalk’s Animation Master Backpage” or something like that. Then, whenever somebody posts a particularly nice piece, you could add a link to it, on the “Informal Hall of Fame” thread.

I’m just tossing this out as a suggestion. I just think it’d be a bit of a shame if WIP’s by Joe Williamson, Jim Talbot, Stephen Millingen, etc. would get lost, as time marches on.


Carl Raillard


If I am misunderstanding where this is leading please excuse me. But, I wonder who will decide what works are good enough to go in this thread? While the mentioned users are indeed extremely talented I fear they didn’t open the box A:M came in and start producing such works. Their talent grew, probably aided along by comments and critics posted by more experienced users. I like anybody else like to show off my work and get feedback from people. I find it very helpful to be able to reach other people who for what ever reason don’t belong to the main Hash forum. So, again if this is going in a different direction than I think please ignore this post, but if it isn’t, I would ask you to think of all the budding artists and animators and please reconsider.



Could you please clarify where you think this is going? I’m sorry, I’m a bit dense this evening. I’m not quite certain what you’re asking.

For what it’s worth, here’s how I see my suggestion: Whenever a particularly nice image (or animation) comes along, Wegg, at his discretion, can add link it to the Informal Hall of Fame thread. That’s all. Actually, I don’t know how works are submitted to the Front Page of CGTalk. I’m not the lad for poring over forum rules. Mayber there’s a better method? I’m not really interested in competitions. If this “Hall of Fame” idea turns into some sort of contest – as to who can get into the “Backpage!” – that’d be disappointing as far as I’m concerned.

Maybe, in the final analysis, this idea is irretrievably stupid. Maybe it’s just a sign that it’s getting late, and I should consult my pillow.

Pengy, you submitted a nice penguin model just today, didn’t you? You put it on the sticky WIP thread just before Wegg took it down. Can I ask you a favor? Could you create a new thread featuring your penguin? It was a nice cartoony penguin, and I wanted to have another look at it. I’m interested in cartoony animal characters. I’d love to see some wireframes, too.


Carl Raillard