PLEASE HELP with this Dog rig!


Hi, So far ive only ever rigged biped characters, and I now have to rig a cartoon quadruped puppy / dog and have a urgent deadline !:rolleyes: I also havent been rigging long.

Ive done the legs ok, going from what i normally do for biped characters but with different bone layout, but im having trouble with the spine and getting it to work with the legs. I only need a simple rig, but i want the character to be able to stand on his back legs and be able to bend just his front legs or back legs seperately so he can lean forward or sit back, and able to bend all 4 legs at once. Ive got the bending all at once by just moving the root joint.

I read that its best to keep the ROOT joint at the chest, but other rigs ive seen have them at the back:confused: Ive also read its best to have an extra hip joint in for extra rotation instead of parenting the legs directly to the spine?.. do i even need this?:shrug:

Ive Attached a pic with 3 images on it of where im at so far, basically at the moment i cant get the front to lift up when you move the first spline IK cluster ive made… it just stretches…
any advice would REALLY help
THANKS. i can email my rig so far if anyone has time to help(maya8.5)


What comes to mind is, it looks lige you have another parent contrain on your root joint. Seems to me the root joint is only getting 50% of the translate from the cluster.


To me, the issue seems to be that your front leg “hip” joints aren’t parented under the spine, so basically your joint chain is going in the wrong direction. Each leg should be parented under the spine.

If you want a fast solution, try the quadruped fullBodyIK rig. If you’ve never worked with it before and have a very very tight deadline, you should probably stick with the one you have and just try what I suggested above.


I took a look at it again I had totally missed where you had your root. It should absolutely not be placed there, either you have it at the beginning of the spine or at the second spine-joint(so you can bend the back independently from the spine). Don’t mean to sound harsh


how did you get on with this David?


Thanks for your replies
I was initially going to put the root at the back but read in a couple posts to make it on the chest?

After much searching I managed to sort it, I started again with a tutorial in 3D World magazine issue 89, where a quadruped rig is created for a fox. Its quite complicated but great. It teaches that the leg bones to not actually being parented to the spine but using driver null objects instead.

It also has a movable pivot point this can be moved anywhere and rotated at this point

Thanks again for your help


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