Please help with fixing a script for Maya 2008


Hi, in previous versions of Maya I used a very nice script created by Yashu (that was his user name). You can find the script in this thread attached in post #11.

The problem is that the script doesn’t work in Maya 2008. I wonder if some guru here would help with fixing it to work in Maya 2008.


If it just not starting then it’s an positioning Problem of the HUD Button

global proc ya_clickDragToggle()
 	selectPref -clickDrag (!`selectPref -q -clickDrag`);
 	string $label = "CDrag: ";
 	$label += ((`selectPref -q -clickDrag` == 1) ? "ON" : "OFF");
 	hudButton -e -l $label ya_clickDragHUD;
 global proc ya_clickDragToggleHUD()
 	if (!`headsUpDisplay -ex ya_clickDragHUD`)
 		string $label = "CDrag: ";
 		$label += ((`selectPref -q -clickDrag` == 1) ? "ON" : "OFF");
 			-s 5 -b 1 -ba right -vis 1
 			-l $label -bw 75
 			-rc ya_clickDragToggle
 			-bsh "roundRectangle"

If the script itself is not working i have to take a deeper look into the code…


It is working nicely now:thumbsup:.
Thanks a lot, very much appreciated.


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