Please help, unwanted double vertices when making cuts


Double vertices when cutting? I noticed ever since silo updated to this latest version, whenever I do a loop cut, or edge cut, it automatically gives the new cut double vertices. I noticed I can get it to happen less often if I’m careful with the movements if the mouse… but it’s is horrible annoying because it happens 9 times out of ten. Why is it so touchy so xe this update? . Also, when will silo offer the new render engine, and will it be free for people that already own a license to this latest version?


Do you mean overlapping vertices or cutting more than one loop in parallel?


Its weird, I cut a single loop, but when I release the mouse buttons, then I notice that line or loop cut line has vertices where there are no interacting edges/or lines. It’s like as if you mad a normal cut attracted connecting say a top and bottom line, but then when I release the muttons, I have an unwanted vertices dot right in the middle of the connecting cut line. I hate it


I can’t reproduce this.

Are you using the keyboard shortcut (x) to make the cut?

Do you get the same result if you select cut from the button list or right click/modify menu?

If you are using the keyboard short, all I can think is that you are somehow triggering the cut command twice - which would produce the result you describe. That would also explain why it sometimes doesn’t happen.

Try binding the command to a different key to see if you have a fault on your X key. It might be sticking or something. Perhaps the key repeat delay is a bit too sensitive, it can be adjusted in the keyboard control panel (assuming windows).


Ty… I will adjust it. Peace sir


I don’t know the settings I need to fix it… I will try to send you a pic or video of what’s happening, so maybe you could tell me what settings to adjust… thanks for always helping silo users all the time. Also do you work for nevercenter


A video might help figure out what is going on.

Is it definitely only happening in with the latest version of Silo (2.5.6)? Previous versions can be found on the Silo download page if you want to verify.

I’m happy to help, and no, I don’t work for nevercenter - I’ve been using Silo for few years so I have a good handle on its strengths and weaknesses.