Please help me with Rigging Luxo Jr.


Hi there,

I am new to kind of new Maya (2016) and I am trying to rig the Pixar lamp for a school project. I have tried following these tutorials:

Maya Getting Started: Inverse Kinematics:!/url=./files/Inverse_kinematics.htm

Rigging the lamp in 3DS by Shawn Hendriks:

I have tried with different numbers of joints e.g. all 5 joints (see screenshot) or a chain from joints 2 - 4 (what Shawn Hendriks does in the video).

One way with 5 joints I have tried is by linking each object as indicated in the screenshot (lampshade linked to joint 5, and so on). This part works fine.

Shawn Hendriks suggests to constrain the three “elbows” by orientation and to constrain the two bars at the back (inside the circle) to the bars at the front that are parallel to them - also by orientation. However, when I constrain the two bars at the back, this somehow breaks the links that the front bars have to their joints - or so I believe - so that I am no longer able to move the IK handle without the pieces at the front falling apart.

Can someone help me and explain how to do this properly? I have also uploaded the file I’m working on (without joints) if you would like to have a look (HERE). Feel free to give it a try if you’d like, also. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if I have not provided sufficient information.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.


See the FILE uploaded. Used ikSpringSolver and rivet to attach other back pieces to follow. Something like this you can try.