Please help me with deciding on where to study 3D animation


I posted here a few months ago about studying animation and after some research, I’ve got a better idea of what I’m looking for.

I want to study 3D animation. My particular interest is in environment modelling, but I would like my studies to teach me about all of the aspects of computer animation.

I’m looking at Emily Carr and SCAD as my top options, as well as the VanArts to Emily Carr career path.

I want to be able to work after I study in the place where I graduate, which creates a dilemma because of work visas and the likes.

SCAD would be amazing, but will it be worth the risk in terms of obtaining a visa afterwards?

I would really appreciate feedback and suggestions.


You need to ask where you want to study? In the US you want to check out SVA, Pratt etc. If Europe, you want to check out Bournemouth. In Canada, Seneca College, although I hear Emily Carr is good too.


thank you very much for the recommendations, it’s very helpful for me!