please help me add edges to box!!!


Hi guys.

I have another problem with my chair model.

I need to add edges to all faces of a box but I can only seem to add them to the both top faces or both side faces, but not all of them.

I have attached a pic of the desired result.

Thanks for your help



I’m not 100% certain of what you’re asking for, but you may want to give the Quickslice tool a try.


Just select one top edge, and click Ring, then select the connect entry box and set the edges to 2.

Repeat with the other direction and you’ve got what you want.


You could just make a new box using Extended Primitives/ChamferBox and ajust
it to your liking:thumbsup:


Thanks alot guys, the ring thing worked perfectly, I knew there was an easier way to do it.


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