Please help, I could use help with this warning


Hello community,

By any means am not I a master Maya user I’m teaching myself Maya by doing tutorials found online.

I currently am doing some basic rigging on a character I made & am getting this error:

// Warning: Cycle on ‘RightForeArm.parentInverseMatrix[0]’ may not evaluate as expected. (Use ‘cycleCheck -e off’ to disable this warning.) //
// RightForeArm_orientConstraint1 //
// Warning: Cycle on ‘RightForeArm_orientConstraint1.constraintRotateX’ may not evaluate as expected. (Use ‘cycleCheck -e off’ to disable this warning.) //
// Warning: Cycle on ‘RightForeArm.parentInverseMatrix[0]’ may not evaluate as expected. (Use ‘cycleCheck -e off’ to disable this warning.) //

I don’t understand what causes this problem.
Will this give me issues during animation?


Maya is warning you that you have a potential dependency-loop in your rig.

Without further information I’d guess the driver of your orientConstraint is itself dependent on the Target of the orientConstraint in some fashion; this would mean that changes to the Target node influence the driver node, which in turn (because of the orientConstraint) influences the Target and so on.

To understand cycle errors, read up on Directed Acyclic Graphs (e.g.


Thanks Nyro,

I read up on some DAG—informative! I thought it had something to do with the rotation plane of the bones not in the same plane. So I did the bones over & made sure rotations are in the same plane.


1. I created a full skeleton.

2. Added an IKHandle from the shoulder to wrist joint.

3. Created a nurb shape to be the IK controller with point & orient constraint from wrist joint with maintain offset unchecked.

4. Created null object with point & orient constraint from wrist joint.

5. Parented IK handle & IK controller to null object & renamed.

6. Added pole vector for the IKHandle.

7. Created FK controls (nurb shape grouped onto itself) for each of the arm joints with point & orient constraints FROM the joints.

8. Adding orient constraints from the FK controls to the joints. This is where I get the warning on the elbow joint.

Like I said, not sure why it’s just the elbow that’s throwing the warning when the other FK/joints are done in the same manner…

I thanked the guy that did the tutorial he replied, so asked him as to what I did wrong-- hopefully he responds


As Nyro says, Maya is complaining about a potential dependency loop.
A dependency loop is when object A influence object B, and object B influences object C - which in turn influences object A. You don’t get a hierchy but a loop.

Post pics or upload the scene


Thanks Nightshade

I’ve attached the file file


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