PLEASE HELP! How do i get these flickering shadows out of my scene?!?


Hello, im new to this forum. had to come here from C4D Cafe…apparently, they charge to be a member now. oh well. but as you can see from the title of this post, i really need help. ive render this scene out countless times: from diff angles, with lights, w/o lights you name it. the issue is this, when my camera moves in the scene, there’s this flickering shadow or glitch that happens on the wall within the scene (Please see attached). When i change the “Sides” of the texture (i.e.: Front to both), it’ll render out with just the texture itself flickering, when i put it back on "Front: i get this shadow looking glitch. Therefore, i just decided to hide all objects in the scene, just to see if something was causing it…nothing. if anyone has experienced this problem and has found the solution, please tell me A.S.A.P. i am ready to move on with life lol.

Also, if you look at the pic of the wall, the glitch seems to fall right between the seams of the wall. could this be the issue? I should mention that this is a Downloaded wall. i would like to recreate this wall, but i dont know how to, sad i know. At any rate, thanks for your help in advance.


Probably a polygon that imported with an inverted normal.

The C4D forum section is here:


Did you link that to me to find whatever it is you’re talking about? or are you telling me to post my issue there?


He’s asking you to post your question there. This is the General Discussion section. You’re much more likely to find help on this specific issue from other C4D users.


Looks more like a double face that doesn’t belong there. Then the flickering comes from two faces having the same space, and fighting against each other which one is the top face. This can happen when you export as quads and ngons, and the importer then triangulates your mesh in a wrong way. Triangulate your mesh before exporting could solve this.


no, they don’t :smiley: what makes you think that?

i agree with tiles, looks like you have false geometry, 2 polygons sharing the same space.


Hey, thanks for the clarity.


Awesome sauce. thanks for the help :buttrock:


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Not a bad idea at all. However, i would’ve liked to have been made aware of such a change. i had an account with them, so having my account removed/deleted so that i can pay to start all over, is what really got to me.


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Hey all, just wanted to update y’all on my progress. I got the flickering to stop! Bottom line is, i had to recreate the wall (by cutting a cylinder in half). the original wall just didnt have enough segments in it. And as for C4D cafe charging that fee (which seems to be the new main topic here) i dont care about that or them, i like it here better. So please CGsociety, please dont add a fee. Thx again to all who helped me.