Please fix forum group title from "3Ds Max" to "3ds Max"


Might be a minor thing for most, but 3Ds Max is the wrong name, as is 3D Studio , 3DS or what ever. 3ds Max is 3ds Max since years now, so please fix the forum groups title to reflect that
thanks !

PS: there was a sticky topic for some time since the new forum look launch for posting feedabck, but i could’nt find it any longer. Hence i post this request here …


Thanks for the fix ! Whoever did it :slight_smile:


Although, it is actually Autodesk that have it wrong.


Yeah , whatever you think…
Of course Autodesk spells and uses its own product names and trademarks wrong, and has to rely on somebody else to uncover that :roll_eyes:


In English, upon which American-English is “Loosely” based, abbreviations and proper nouns start with capital letters. So yes, Autodesk has it wrong. Both because it is a name of a product and thus a proper noun and also because it is an abbreviation of the word “Dimensional”! So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Spacefrog!


Heck you’re so Smart, Sd3d.


Don’t even mention the dark days of all lower case. Or all upper case.


Pokoy, is habitual-sarcasm a prerequisite in joining your clique?