Please explain to me how someone gets their own style in drawing?


Does this occur when you look at other people’s art? Or do you have to just practice and experiment with different techniques?


you don’t worry about it and keep drawing and eventually when you get your face out of the drawings you observe how you evolved and you describe it to yoursef and accept that is your style. Or you don’t accept.


I’ve discussed this on another forum before so I’ll just repost it here:

It kind of depends on where you are as an artist. For novices and intermediate artists, since they are barely competent or know enough about the foundations, if they try to tackle a specific style, they won’t understand the “why” of behind a stylization’s choices of simplification, idealization, exaggeration…etc because they don’t even understand how reality works, let alone the stylized version of that reality. If they try, they’ll just end up producing a mindless mimicry that only contains the shallow surface without the essential core. I think style is something that happens to you, not something you make happen. Until you become an advanced artist.

When you become an advanced artist, you’ll be able to dissect any style’s parameters–the anatomy of its visual vocabulary such as proportions, contours, level of complexity, surface treatment…etc. Then you’ll be able to successfully assimilate them as you see fit. But what sometimes happen is that your find your personality will gravitate towards a style, as will your habits and preferred workflow, and you may end up with a style that is not really what you aspired to when you started, simply because your own experience and journey has shaped you in a specific way. Once again–style happens to you, not something you force. This isn’t to say it hasn’t happened for some–there are ways to force a style upon yourself, but when artists reach the advanced level, they usually have developed their own idea of who they are by then anyway.

With all that said, I have seen artists who intentionally mimic artistic heroes, sometimes looking like a clone of another artist, or a Frankenstein hybrid of a few different artists (with their separate influences are clear as day). This can be done if you are advanced enough to know how to deconstruct and reconstruct stylistic parameters of an artist’s work. Some artists have adopted another artist(s)'s style so deeply that it pretty much becomes a part of them, but almost always, they eventually develop their own artistic voice and you’ll see them grow beyond simply mimicking their heroes.


From personal experience I tended to draw in the style of my favorite artists. I started with jim davis garfield cartoons when I was a kid and then turned a 180 degrees in high school and got into drawing Akira Toriyama style to match my in depth story telling I wanted to do. After taking a few years of figure drawing in high school and also self aware of that it looked too much like Toriyamas work, I focused on areas I wanted to change and stylize to create my own style. These areas were the shoulders, the lower forearm, nose and also I scrapped the martial arts uniforms for apparel that reflected my characters more. There are still similarities and I am ok with that b/c I want my anime style type characters but with my own personal flair. it just depends on what you are looking to create. I hope that helps.


You have your own style from the moment you pick up a pencil.

  1. Nobody holds a tool quite like you.
  2. Nobody uses it quite like you.
  3. Nobody has a process identical to yours.

I can keep going, but you get the point. You are unique in everything you do, from the way you think all the way to the way you push the pencil/other tool against the paper/tablet/whatever.

You see color differently (physically, none of us sees the same identical colors as anyone else). Everything is different.

Now, as you go along with your studies, you get better and better and these unique qualities that only you have, get enhanced. This is your nature, and the more comfortable you become with your art, the less you’ll have to depend on copying what you see, and the more you’ll be able to let everything be processed by your mind and hands.

The most important thing is not to think about it. Just keep trying to create better looking art, experiment, study hard, and look for new inspiration all the time.


I agree with Hakushinkan.

Personally, when I started drawing I felt like I had my own style… if anything I felt like it was different from most beginners who start off with anime.

Then as more time went on, I had developed a better style that I liked, but I didn’t feel like it was completely ‘right’ in terms of what I wanted to achieve, but it was still mine and I liked it. Then somewhere in between I ended up creating another style which was slightly different from the previous one, then one day I woke up and it hit me, I knew what I wanted to go for and now my current style is more of a refined version of the previous style I stumbled upon.

Sometimes you can’t control your style sometimes you can, for me I feel like it was a mix. I didn’t know I’d come up with this idea, but at the same time I smashed all the things I like into one.


You have a link to your artwork? I would love to see your current style.


One gains ones own style by doing as one pleases and pleasing oneself. Not a path for everybody, of course.


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