please describe your z brush workflow (please)


basically I’ve been modeling in 3d studio max for a while and I’ve been getting decent at z brush. however after all that my creations are still pretty useless,Obviously z brush adds an awful lot of polygons to a model and i find when i take it back into max the only thing i can do is render 1 picture of it. I was wondering what work flow or technique you guys use to create a z-brush monster that is both detailed and still usable.

whatever help you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated.



What you are going to want to do is this:

  1. Model a Basemesh in ZBrush or Max
  2. Sculpt the Basemesh
  3. Resurface the Basemesh using ZBrush (it sucks for this, Topogun is good or polyboost for max) to create an animatable version of the mesh
  4. Bake a displacement map in ZBrush with your animatable mesh and the high poly sculpt
  5. Load the displacement map in Max
  6. Rig, Animate.



Zbrush isn’t a modeling app, it’s a sculpting app.


but after i model it in max i should unwrap it than take ti into z brush correct. I’m trying to be blunt so there will be no way i can screw it up.


You want to UV your retopoed mesh. (or you could use ZB auto mapping depending on your texturing workflow)


sorry for all the question but while you guys are listening I want to make sure I ask all I can. How good does the z brush re topology tools work.


If you dont have access to other retopo software, the zbrush workflow is pretty nice, i’ve used it a couple of times and found it very fast and intuitive.


well thank you for all your help I guess the only thing left is for me to try it out and see what works.


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