please crit first indoor scene


this is my first indoor scene. Made with 3ds max and finalrender.
Please give me some hints to improve my skills


Nice scene, but there are a few things IMO that could be improved upon.

  • remove the plant or move it so that you can see more of it, maybe in the far corner. Or desaturate it, at the moment it distracts and takes over the image almost.

  • the camera could be in another position to make for a more interesting composition.

  • the armchair in the corner could maybe be turned a little.

  • the light is a little too even, there needs to be more light AND shadows, the lights are too bright? too little fall-off?

  • textures are a little too repetetive.

What I like about the scene is that I’m very curious as to what is around the corners.

Keep working!


I definately agree…those are very good places to start. Turn off the blurry focus on the plant too…it’s not working… most of all, work on those textures and lighting


I would suggest adding some light falloff to your pointlights in this scene. Also try experimenting with light color, real lights may have a very very slight orangish or greenish glow to them.


I think its a nice start. But it needs some work. I agree with all the other comments. And there is some reflection on the wall on the end of the room. Or is it see through? It looks a little bit weird.

Sorry for my bad english. :wink:


agree with others.

The most important is the lighting. Try experimenting with GI to get realistic light. Or fake GI with ambience.

Important is to use attenuation on the lamps. A lamp in real life don’t light things up who are far away like the default lights do in Max.


Light falls off as a function of an inverse square.


A lot of good comments have been made already, I just have a couple of things to say…

First of all, the environment feels a little too sterile. I’m not saying you should liberally sprinkle dust around the scene, but in reality even a clean hallway has some randomness to it, a certain grittiness. The textures are too regular, the edges too clean…

Also, I agree about the screen at the back of the scene. The more I look at it, the more it seems like it’s supposed to be a mirror, is that the case? It’s not very clear what we’re looking at.

And I have to agree with madart about the composition. As it is, the angle does nothing to improve the picture. The composition is a little too symetrical and flat… try an angle closer to the ground for example… or a little to the side (or both!) and the image should become considerably more dynamic. Also, it is true that the plant could be use to greater effect in improving the composition.

But yeah, this is a good beginning. Keep it up!


Thank you very much for your comments ant critics. I hope I will find the time in near future to try out your postings. Again thank you. I`ll post the result as soon as I can.
greets cj1

P.S. More crits are welcome!


there is one column of squares that is not the same size as the others. at first i thought that this back wall was transluscent, but after reading other posts, i realized it was a reflection. maybe give it more reflectiveness. also, try using varying textures, especially for the walls. Also, could you put a little bit of gloss to the walls. they’re kind of dull. Is that a sink? Maybe put tile around it on the walls.


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