Please be brutal!


Hey everyone! Looking for some critique on this environment that I did recently. I think it turned out decent, but I would like to improve for the next piece I do! What’s good, what’s bad?? Thanks!


Be careful with your perspective–your buildings don’t line up with the vanishing points for your scene. Perspective is not something you can half-ass–you have to be precise and map out everything in correct perspective with correct vanishing points.

The lighting doesn’t look quite right. Are the foreground buildings in some kind of cast shadow (the cloud? A cliff?)? But why is the building o the right getting light from the right side when the other building are getting them from the left side? Then in the background it seems you have direct sunlight on the front/right face of the mountain, but then fortress on top seems again in cast shadow (from clouds?), and then lit from the left with ambient sky-bounced light. But what about the trees below the mountain? What direction is their light source? The ambient light? But there’s no directional light on them that I can see.

It’s important to establish the light sources in your scene and then be consistent about it, if you want your image to appear coherent and convincing.


Hey, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a helpful critique!

You’ve given me a lot to think about. Next time I’ll make those considerations early in the planning stages, instead of trying to figure them out as a go along.

Thanks again!