Please ask your 9.5 questions here



I’m doing technical support at MAXON Germany. Because there are several R9.5 threads running in parallel and I don’t have the time to check all those threads, I start this thread for answering your questions you have about the R9.5 upgrade.

In advance I would like to give you my(!) summary of important changes from R9 to R9.5:

  1. R9.5 is an upgrade of many many little changes and only few big headliners. The addendum of the manuals is more than 130 pages thick. I hope we can put it online as soon as possible. The goal of this update is to make your work with CINEMA 4D easier and to lie the foundation of the future development. Five examples of those little changes are: Context sensitive shortcuts, full frame toggle, 2D user data fields, the Xpresso node “Bitmap” and the upvector constraint of the target expression.

  2. Rendering:
    The antialiasing has been improved and accelerated. That’s the main reason why most of your scenes will render a lot faster.
    Then area shadows, blurred reflections/transparencies and ambient occlusion have been accelerated a lot. This decreases the render time additionally.
    Then new area lights and new light options (e.g. shadow/light caster) were added and the light falloff has been improved.
    All in all this upgrade brings the foundation of the CINEMA 4D renderer up to date. GI itself hasn’t been touched in this version except the possibility to disable the calculation of direct illuminastion during the prepass, that accelerates the GI calculation a bit.

  3. SKY:
    This allows the creation of layered 2D clouds, volumetric 3D clouds, volumetric fog, a realistic outdoor lighting and a lot more. It’s hard to explain the possibilities, thus it’s best to wait for the demo and to give it a try by yourself.

  4. Baking:
    The baker has been overhauled completely. It works now multi-threaded (that means it uses all your processors), works as you expect (compared to the old baker), allows the baking of ambient occlusion, normal maps, lighting, textures and a lot more and even has a 1-click solution. That means you can select one or more objects and bake them. Then copies of these objects are created, with new UV coordinates (using the optimal mapping of BP), new materials and the old objects are hidden. This way you can bake your whole scene very fast.

  5. Content Browser:
    The content browser can be used for storing presets of materials/parameters/objects/tags/render settings/SKY/post-effects, for browsing your hard disk and for creating catalogs.

Ok, these were only the important changes (beside the small stuff mentioned before). Now let’s start with the questions you have.



Okay, I only have one question. When can we expect a demo version?


First, congratulation to Maxon team, great job, well done! :thumbsup:

I heard lots of beta testers said that the R9.5 give us an artifect free GI result, how could it be achieved as the GI core hasn’t been changed?



We plan a demo version before September. More I can’t say for now, as there is still some work to do. But you can be sure that we try to release a demo as soon as possible.


Regarding Baking:

After you have baked your scene, where do the lights go? Do the objects then not react to lighting.

For instance say I had a scene where there were buildings etc and cars moving in it. I assume I would bake the environment without the moving cars to get a good GI or AO look on the non moving elements. Then I would render the scene again with the cars moving, or render them as a seperate pass to composite later with shadow catchers etc.

Could you explain a bit of the workflow. It sounds fantastic I have to say.




Thanks :slight_smile:

The reason is, that you can now use Radiosity in conjunction with area shadows, area lights, blurry reflections and ambient occlusion and the render times don’t climb through the roof. That allows you to support the GI. You don’t have to rely completely on it. I think that’s the main reason.


When you bake the illumination, then the baked texture is put into the luminance channel and that is lighting independent. You can even remove the lights completely, if everything baken.


Awesome work Maxon.
One question, as release 9.5 isn’t quite ready, could you please consider implementing better Wacom control of the viewport?
I’m forced to turn the feature off and on throughout the day, and when I return to the mouse motion is restricted by the screens border.

Seems like a simple fix in compared to the huge amounts of work the team has put into AR2.5 :smiley:



I have a question :-

What is the upgrade price from R9 to R9.5 ?



Hmm, sorry, I don’t think that this request will find its way into R9.5. Please post it as a suggestion using our request form:

But, I don’t understand the question. What’s wrong with the support of graphic tablets? I’m working the whole day with it and don’t have any problems.


I’m very exited about all the new features and will order when it’s available right away. Really great job guys! :applause:

One question: is there any information already on 3rd party plugin-support. Do existing R9 plugins need to be updated?

Thanks, odo



Also I note from the features list, renderman was listed. Does this mean we will be able to use the renderman renderer to render scenes directly from Cinema or have I missed something there?




I own a student license for the studio bundle 9.1. Because there is no way to update an student license, would I have to pay the full price? Will there be an student offer?


Regarding serial numbers, the upgrade to R9.5 will be handled like a module. That means that your main CINEMA 4D R9 serial number won’t change and therefor you don’t have to get new serial numbers. It’s the same as with the R8.5 upgrade.


Currently it’s still open how we will handle student licenses and additionally that will depend on the MAXON departmant (US/UK/Germany). Please call/email us directly when the prices are officially announced in the MAXON shop.


so you have the option to make the pre-pass ONLY calculate the gi pass? that could speed things up massively i would think.

i got a question -

a major render penalty in c4d is rendering reflections. has normal raytraced reflection rendering sped up atall, or is it a case of playing with the new AA speed increases to speed up reflections?


Thanks Marcus, but what i actually meant was conflicts with 3rd party plugins. Do the plugins need to be adapted to work on R9.5, if they are already working for 9?



Great to have someone from Maxon answer the questions here.
Congrats to surprising every body (some expected totally different stuff) and coming up with a productivity update.
I am especially impressed that you updated baker, which will change a lot in my working style.
And that the bone tool now works as it shoul :wink:

What i have not really understood yet:
For the “BigStudio-special offer” there are features listed like full 16/32 bit BP support–
this implies that for the normal folks out there BP 2.5 does not fully support that? or is it just clumsily written?

Also it looks like “the ultimate matte painting tool” is not available (not that anybody knows what it does :wink:



I’m concerned about the pricing of the upgrades.

I have 9.1 with bodypaint and advanced render.
Do I now have pay to upgrade these 3 ?


I really hope there is a minimal upgrade cost as there are going to be alot of people upset if you start charging £100 for a move from 9.1 to 9.5 not to mention the upgrades costs for BP and AR.



I can’t say, what the price will be in MAXON UK or MAXON USA, but MAXON Germany plans to sell the upgrade from R9 to R9.5

  • for 171,552 Euro (excl. VAT) if you don’t have the module Advanced Render
  • for 257,769 Euro (excl. VAT) if you have the module Advanced Render

Then we will offer 3 special upgrades:

  • from R7 XL to R9.5 incl. Advanced Render 2.5 for 688,793 Euro (excl. VAT)
  • from R8.x to R9.5 incl. Advanced Render 2.5 for 602,586 Euro (excl. VAT)
  • from R9 to R9.5 incl. Advanced Render 2.5 for 473,276 Euro (excl. VAT)

The update of BodyPaint 3D R2 stand-alone to BP 3D R2.5 stand-alone will cost 85,345 (excl. VAT).

For other prices, please contact MAXON directly via email/phone.

I would like to add that these prices are preliminary until they are published in the MAXON shop.