Plea to you talented plugin developers


Ok, not even a plugin, but something that can play nice with Cinema 4D. We are doing several medical animations that involve sutures. They want to animate tying knots. Extremely difficult using splines/spline wrap/IK splines with controllers. Imagine animating 2 strings in parallel, then tying a square knot. Then stacking square knots on top of each other. Surely someone can develop a string manipulation tool that is easier and more intuitive than what can be currently done on Cinema. I dare you!


I did this once for a ‘TwinFix’ device; used to sew up a ruptured tendon.
Had to work with real surgical videos as reference.

I animated the entire video by hand, using nulls and a tracer object to define the spline.
Not a fun process.


Ugh. You’d think by now there would be a solution for this. Somewhere…


I might contact the guys at Aixsponza/Entagma. They do a lot of those Nike knitting animations. They are probably using houdini–but that might not be a bad way to go for this sort of thing anyway?


This is too specific a function. There may one day be a solution as part of a complete string dynamics / cloth dynamics package (again?), but I doubt that anyone will bother developing a plugin for string handling for the few people and usecases that actually require it. The cost for such a plugin would be astronomical.


I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll use Houdini if it solves this issue. It’s really a pain.


Astronomical? I’m fine with it being part of a larger package, as long as there’s something that did it better than the tools available in Cinema.