Playtime, Salvador Ramírez (2D)


Title: Playtime
Name: Salvador Ramírez
Country: Mexico
Software: Photoshop

Hi! I made this painting a few months ago and wanted to upload it for a while, the thing was that this image was entered for a contest and I wasn’t allowed to show it before it ended.
Anyways! here it is!, What I like to show here is the playful, joyful and idillic moment of a child’s playtime. We all went through this experience at certain point, and for me it was one of my best moments in life, nothing to care about, only what is it that you want to do right now.
I really hope you enjoy this image!


Lovely work! I actually initially thought it was a 3D render because of the lighting on their faces. Really cute stuff. Frontpage for you!


GREAT work:)


Well, simply put, I like everything about this image. :scream: The mood, the subject, the characters, the painting-style, everything is original and well executed. 5 stars!


Great work. I very like this style


Hehehe, made me smile. Great work Salvador :slight_smile:


Such a charming image! I love the close up view and perspective, which makes it both personal and dynamic. The characters are also cute with distinctively unique looks. The back lighting also gives it both punch and ties the group together. And everything about it is just playful and filled with joy. Very nice! I’m sure you scored well in the contest.





Fantastic in every way, great work!


LOVE :slight_smile: a lot!! I have seen it when you just post and I though that it will be font page for sure! Congrat my friend! Cheers :slight_smile: + 5 stars


great job !
very nice “render” even if it is not 3D but it look so 3D !
excellent mood and what a perspective !


Absolutely adorable! Fantastic work!



I really like the reflects on the goggles! The expressions on the faces of the children is awesome!:thumbsup:


Cool design for the kids facial shape and expression.


Nice concept and very well executed. I especially like the trees and tree house. Beautifully done in every way.


WOW! like Leigh said…looks like 3d at first glsnce and I mean beautiful stylised and super appealing 3d. way to go!!


I love your works very much.


:thumbsup: great work chava


Super Chava!!! very nice work as always. You’re mastering the ilumination !!! great stuff


this is great work, I really love art that sets ‘a great mood’ and this does it perfectly! :love: