"playback by" with a random value?


Hi! Im quite new to mel, and need to vary the playback-by-value a little bit with a random value by a script.
This should have the effect, that the animation should look a bit more jerky, not that smooth. So Playback shold not be frame 1,2,3,… but frame 0.8, 2.3, 2.9, 3.8,…
But I can`t find an attribute to vary this. Can anyone help me?


i think the best way is in pseudo code


made a array of length = number of frames of the scene

in this array
array[x]=array[x-1]+random(.5, 1.5)

select all the keyframe nodes in the scene

for every keyframe in every node

if frame=n



i hope that you understand my proc

is only made an array with the new pos of every keyframe and change it.


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