Plasma Ball Fluids


Im creating a fight animation using magic. I want to create a plasma ball partway through the animation and have it be thrown at a robot. I managed to create a fluid effect that i like however i have some problems.

Here is a test video

How do i start and stop the particle emission and how do i increase or decrease the particle rate at various points throughout the animation?
Also when i throw the fireball i want the flame to be trailing behind the sphere, however when i move it the flame rises upwards. How do i change this?

Thanks for any help


There are no particles when dealing with fluids. (I f you don’t add them yourself). Tough many of the attributes are the same. If you select your fluidcontainer there should be an emitter tab. There you have density, fuel, heat and so on. These are keyable. Key the emission on and off as you wish, but keep in mind the time of reaction and so on.

To make it stop going up open the Content Details in the attributes for the fluid. Set the bouyancy (spelling?) to 0 at every place you can find it :slight_smile: Density, and temperature usually is the main tabs to check.


The simplest way I have found to get the fire to flow behind is to turn the container on its side, or in the direction neccessary to produce a flow you require. This may not be the most elegant solution, but its deffinately the most straight forward.

Have Fun


create a uniform field and key its magnitude to the desired direction, that in turn should sweep the vectors along the container in a fashion where the fluids vertical rise could slowly transition to a horizontal. So long as your fields curve is suited nicely in your scene. GL


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