Plants and grass. Opacity mask or 3d mesh


I`m not sure which is more efficient for plants and grass not to be viewed up close. A 2D opacity map on a card, or a 3D mesh with no opacity map. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated =)


Depends on your scene. Could you post some examples.


Hi oglu, thanks for the reply. This is the scene I`m working on, it takes an age to render. All the grass and vines are made using an opacity map. I was wondering if I had done it with polygons it would render faster?


I dont think so. I assume the volume fog slows it down.
How long does it render.?


It was a while since I rendered it but I think it took longer than all night and the fog definitely made it longer. I heard that if you have two or more objects with opacity maps intersecting that it takes longer to render, do you know if this is true?


Redshift has a feature that speeds this process, and Vray too , I tend to prefer the geo if I can, but sometimes for heavy foliage is just not practical.