Plant, Zubyhn (3D)


Title: Plant
Name: Zubyhn
Country: China

I am a newly arrived, this is my practice.My English is badly.This practice is what do recently.Come up to see everybody the hope to much criticize.Also hope to learn to more things here in hereafter of time.


Hey, I have a few pointers I can help you out with. The dirt in the pot seems a tad flat. Increase the bump value or make it clumpier or add some rocks. I like the pot, seems like a mixture of clay and dirt almost. I admire your choice on camera angle as it makes the plant inside seem bigger. The plant does seem a bit small for the pot, but overall the scene looks nice. Good job!


simple. basic. nice.

i disagree with last post by NauticaC about dirt, it looks fine to me.

nice try on making it look like some part of the dirt is wet and other parts is dry. yet it need a bit more work, maybe the area with water should be darker insted of lighter


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