launches the Thinking Particles FX online training for Spanish Speakers



If you’re a Spanish speaking V/FX artists, then this is one of the best news this year! Finally, thanks to Alberto Chala Sepulveda​ , PlanetCG Madrid has now announce the launch of their thinkingParticles class by none other than Eloi Andaluz Fulla (ScanlineVFX fame)., the Spanish speakers will be able to avail to thinkingParticles educational license and learn tP. Please write to Cedar Tw​, on how to get the educational version. For more about Eloi, read the attached post, IMDB: or visit Insights interview: (Follow this cebas facebook for a reVisit interview with Eloi )si lo desea, por favor haga clic en ‘seguir’ alberto.chalasepulveda y Eloi Andaluz Fulla. Y recuerda unirte al grupo de facebook : Spanish TP. Gracias. #PlanetCGcom, #EloiAndaluz, #tp, #thinkingParticles, #cebas, #Madrid_vfx, #fx_learn, #SpanishVFX,