Planetary Tourism


Humans have always been known to exploit the new and exotic. My concept springs from this thought that in the future, if relatively habitable planets were to be discovered, a multitude of people would pay thousands or millions to get themselves on one these planetary exploration vehicles. Travel and touring agencies would spring up everywhere, offering low rates.
These vehicles are the first of their kind, offering comfort and luxury, while able to tread in almost any terrain.
[painted in Photoshop CS4]

accidentally submitted an older work in progress version earlier. My mistake


1 to 1 SYD style for sure, extraordinary work dude you got it! Best of luck!


Woulda thought it was Syd’s if I hadn’t seen it here. Spectacular, congratulations!


Naeem, this is great. Well done dude.


No doubt you really catche the essence that make the art of Syd Mead unique.
Very nice concept and environment.


why oh why is yours next to mine in the forum!!! The shame… If this was a voting contest I would vote for yours hands-down. Well done and good luck!


Fantastic!! Great colors and design and mood, and, and…Great!


Awesome, great gouache feel!


wow, thanks guys :slight_smile:


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