Planetary Tourism


Humans have always been known to exploit the new and exotic. My concept springs from this thought that in the future, if relatively habitable planets were to be discovered, a multitude of people would pay thousands or millions to get themselves on one these planetary exploration vehicles. Travel and touring agencies would spring up everywhere, offering low rates.
These vehicles are the first of their kind, offering comfort and luxury, while able to tread in almost any terrain.
[painted in Photoshop CS4]


So cool! really feels Syd’s style, especially of these human heads gives nice perspective. Would love to see them more detailed, not so visible strokes.



This is really good! feels really syd’s style.
How ever I have to agree with Dodgeas3d, I just think you didnt have much time to finish it.
Foreground is very good but in the mid and background i want to see more!


i really hope you place (1st place). i was trying to do the same w/ my entry (but didn’t get the look, didn’t submit). i really hope you win.


Love this one, great work. Good luck.


Really cool! You really capture Syd`s style. Good luck!


wooow dude, this is perfect!


Fantastic! I love the sense of activity in your image. You have really captured Syd Mead/s style. Congratulations and good luck!


Very well done and in style but it needs some more time! I know your artwork very well and I know you can make it, so GO GO GO GO!


Thanks everyone.
As for the unfinished feel- I was looking at syd’s work a lot and trying to get the painterly gouache feel. Had to force myself to make it painterly instead of getting the clean,crisp photoshop look.


I dig the red windows. Exotic.


nicely done! congratz!


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