Planetary Horizon


Hi, i dont normally do much art work in photoshop apart from making textures, but i thought i would post some of my work for critique, i do find it very fun.

I used a number of plugins and standerd filters already in photoshop

Critics would be great :-p

  1. The atmosphere of the first planet fades out to slow. It would be about half the size in order to look natural.
  2. You see an atmophere beceause there are particles which interact with light.
    there is no omniscient light in space. It has an origin, so you won´t see the atmosphere around the whole planet. There is a night side. This is especially true for the second planet where the atmosphere is to opaque. If you want such an opaque atmosphere, make it more opaque at the front side too.


ah yes i see, problem ive got at the moment is that fact i lent my photoshop cd out and recently i have just built myself a new computer and i aint got photoshop back yet lol but i dunno if ill work on this one, i think im going to start another, ty for the tips shall post my new work when its done


I think your star field is to plain. Like a repeating pattern. Try making a story out of your star field, add variety! Check out Greg Martin’s site. He has awesome tuts, and will help 110%.

Keep up the great work


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