Planet Explorer Modular Vehicle


Planet Explorer Modular Vehicle
With Nano-Hydraulic Muscle-Pipe System

Used software: Blender, Photoshop


Nice results from Blender and a cool concept. Nice work!


nice work!! like your style!


nice concept. The Nano-Hydraulic Muscle-Pipe System looks awesomely powerful and logical :slight_smile:


Could you explain how this nano technology works and how i can build it myself >?


thank you
here is a hi-res part of the image (open image to view full):


It works like the cells in your muscles. :slight_smile:
Cells are nano tech - did you know? :slight_smile:


Sure but is it practical. Can I make this on my own in a garage or a shop?


It’s an interresting approach. Especially the rendering reminds me of some works of syd mead.
Good job !


Hey, this looks cool. Colors and reflections look indeed very Syd Mead


love the big wheels and the tentacles that holds it… :wink: great job…


Marvellous. Love the yellow :slight_smile:

RyanWalsh. Artificial muscle technology has been in existence for about 20 years now. Could you, personally, build one in your garage? How good are you at weaving carbon nanotubes? You should start working on it, after you win the competition. Perhaps you could go lend them a hand at MIT.


YouTube Link

There you go. Real.


ryanwalsh-- instead of commenting why dont you just finish your entry and stop doing anymore concepts, by now you should have finish it. so we can comment also in your work… let’s see… :twisted:


I must of missed this one previously, great work though.
Good luck



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