Places to Eat / Drink / Shop


So what are the places where one might get a decent meal?
Where are the cool pubs in Vancouver?
What are the best places to find bargains?

Edit some Suggestions from previous years:


I found a website, UrbanSpoon, that lists restaurants with reviews and recommendations for Vancouver hotels. I’m sure there are other sites (haven’t checked OpenTable yet to see if they cover Vancouver). Anyway here it is:

UrbanSpoon restaurants by Vancouver hotels (

Vancouver is not like the states so if you want to go to a pub and get a drink you will pay up the butt for it. A bottle of like Miller is 5.50$ at a pub. I would suggest going to North Vancouver from the sea bus though I live in north Van and there is alot of food places here its super nice.

That’s good to know, although it will be most useful after the SIGGRAPH sessions for dinner and afterwards. For lunch, when you have something like 1:30 hrs (aprox) between morning and afternoon sessions your almost stuck to walking distance from the Convention Center (if you want to avoid their food).


another cool place is china town its just a few blocks east on Pender street a bunch of cool shops.


Things to do in Vancouver

FIREWORKS Saturday and Wednesday nights! Best viewed from English Bay or Kitsilano (can also be seen somewhat from the Wicklow pub)

The Wicklow Pub -You can take a small $3 ferry ride ( over here and there’s a beautiful view of False Creek. It is one of the only places in Vancouver where you can make reservations on a Friday/Sat. Great Beer and food.

Guu -Awesomely creative Japanese food: Guu (near burrard/robson)

The Eatery -This place is in Kitsilano across the bridge but you should def check out Kits beach if at all possible anyway. The Eatery has very creative and awesome sushi rolls.

Shabusen - Japanese/Korean BBQ fusion… try their BBQ beef! Love this place! Amazing all you can eat.

Judas Goat - Neat little tapas restaurant in a dirty alley in Gastown but awesome tapas!!

The Morrissey - This place is ALWAYS populated by CG Artists and people in the industry and they play great music and are the latest bar open DT… check it out.

White Spot - If you haven’t been to Vancouver before try this place. They make good burgers and its kind of a staple of the lower mainland with lots of information inside about the history etc.

Stanley Park Seawall - I recommend everyone do this on a nice day. Maybe rent bikes or rollerblades. It’s an awesomely beautiful way to see the Pacific Northwest.

Vancity - DO NOT call Vancouver VanCity… that is lame. There is a credit union called VanCity. Isn’t that enough? We know it’s a CITY. The city is called Vancouver, thanxabunch.

also go to Chill Winston in gastown… really neat place… great area… nice patio in a central gastown area