Places to Eat / Drink / Shop


So what are the places where one might get a decent meal?
[li]Where are the cool pubs in LA? [/li][li]Where I can find rare books / movie Memorabilia?[/li][li]What are the best places to find bargains?[/li][/ul]-R


Last time in LA we decided to try some of the new places at LA Live. We ate at Rock n’ Fish and Trader Vics, and they were good for dinner. We’ll probably try some other new places again this year. For extremely late night diners, the Pantry is sort of a tradition, though avoid it for breakfasts because of long lines and you want to attend an early event.

If you want to avoid convention center food for lunch, there’s also a few places around LA Live. I tried Lawry’s carvery and it was convenient and quick enough. There’s a few other places there like the ESPN zone and something at the new JW Marriot, but haven’t tried those.


You can take the subway up to Hollywood and from there find all kinds of pubs and book stores within walking distance on Hollywood Blvd.

Points of interest:

Sunset Blvd

The cat in the fiddle. Food and cool place to hang.
The Arclight Theater. (Cinerama dome)
Samual French bookstore (Near Fairfax)

Hollywood Blvd.

Various shops. Lots of memorabilia and so on.

The Hollywood Galleria at La Brea - All kinds of eats and shops etc.

Just some ideas off the top of my head. Depending on what you are looking to buy. (clothes etc) The best deals on everything used to be downtown. Not sure how it is now.


If you are at the LA Live area early, there is a GREAT PLACE for breakfast.

Leave LA Live along Figueroa and pass the Figueroa Hotel. Keep walking toward the Financial district, I think just one block. South Figueroa and West 9th Street. On the facing corner, there is a ‘diner-style’ breakfast place called ‘The Original Pantry Cafe’ that does the most amazing breakfast on the planet.


I attended Siggraph in LA in 2010, and went to the Yard House restaurant and pub which is right there at 800 West Olympic Boulevard. They had really good quality food, 160 beers on draft, and a great environment. I will definitely be spending some time here this year as well.


Takami Sushi is fantastic, if a bit pricey. I think you might need a reservation, so plan early. The view from inside is outstanding.


If you venture out towards the Hollywood area, there’s a funky Thai food place that I really enjoyed. They gave you big portions, food was good, and the decor in the place was really fun.


Totally agree, I must go back there. The only problem is choosing which beer to drink… :beer:


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