place object in front of the perpcam



did someone know how i can move a object along the normal of a cam? so that i can place an object in front of my view ?! … e.g. if i import an object it is always on the position where i exported it … but now i want that is appear in front of my view … so i wanted to place it first on the position of the cam and then move it away along the normal of the camera … maybe someone have an other sollustion



Parent it to the camera, move it in local Z (I think), then unparent it?

– Mark


/me vote mark_wilkins for President!

It Works! :thumbsup: Thanx mate!

another question … if it possible to query if an object is full vissible or not (e.b. i use the method that oyu told me to place the object … then i want ask "Hey, if the object is not completly viewable … move it more away!)



You might be able to check if any vertices on the object are closer to the camera then the camera’s near clipping plane. If they are, move the object back some more.


Woho … thanx… i try it out after work … then i post it if i god an result …

PS … how did i get the clipping plane of an cam :wink:


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