PLA Bake Galore


Wow! Looks Radical. :bowdown: Thanks for all the hard work! Gotta customer here.


Looks fantastic.


Oh yea pretty awesome, am sure we’d be interested in two licenses. :slight_smile:
The retiming features are a huge benefit for our workflow.


A Trail & License setup should be up within a few days :slight_smile:

Final License fee is not yet set.



Bake that Mofo!


nicely done squire. and many late nights me thinks.


Oh boy have we been looking for a better way to bake and it looks like you are taking a couple of steps further.

Nice Job Lennart!


Wow! Nicely done. You saw a need and filled it. Looks very promising.


Thanks :slight_smile:

It should all be running by Monday, I’ll have to call it a week,
making a sea trip with my love. We’ve made 25 years this month :slight_smile:

There’s a short pdf available at the site meanwhile.



Howdy Lennart,

I was wondering: Once the object(s) are baked and we want to time stretch - do we experience a linear translation of the points between the frames? For instance (and this is kinda hard to describe), I did a project a while back with a cloth sim. Baked to PLA hoping I could retime the cloth, however, when I did, the cloth looked wonky - the cloth’s timing felt bumpy. Though the cloth’s points were curving in space in regular time, they were linearly translating in the subframes during the stretch making it look totally unnatural.

Or maybe: Can your plugin correctly bake subframes of the dynamics sims?

hope that made sense-



Congratulations, Lennart!!! Have a nice Trip with your girl.


@heath. PLA is generally the last step , the result, offering less possibilities
for time stretch. With Cloth, do a PointCache instead, scale that cache
and then PLA record. Dependent of the actual movement and settings
of the cloth a slowdown under 10% can show some jumpiness.

This is general Cinema behavior and the better option is to do the
denser animation using combinations of cache treatment and higher project
FPS for PLA recording and then play it back at your regular FPS.

@holger. Thanks.

The tools, now named SteadyBAKE, are up and running at my site.
Some videos will come up soonish.



Thanks Lennart, and congratulations on the release! :wavey:



This plugin seems very interesting. I’ve got one question though: Will Xrec speed up cloth rendering on netrender?
Cloth cache is extremely slow on netrender. It takes ages before a client starts to render.


I haven’t run any extensive tests yet with huge Cloth caches
(usually go for PointCache thou) to see if file series written
with xREC and played back via xPLAY, make big enough difference.

As the collective data should be sort of equal (as in disc space)
I would assume the initial transfer would be on par.
I need to run tests before confirming this.



Just made a simple NET test.
Two Clients, 50mb Cloth Cache
and xREC, 150 frames, single object 10000 points.

Cloth was very much faster ( like 15sec ).
xPLAY both in absolute and relative paths
was much slower for NET.



That’s a pity.

I didn’t have a huge cloth cache though. Three flags with 650 points, 500 frames on 10 clients.
The main problem starts towards the end of the render job when netrender starts to redistribute the frames among the clients. It looks as if a client has to replay the entire sequence up to the frame it needs to render. I think it works that way because I had a combination of the flags and Dpit smoke inside the scene. The client window showed that it was checking all the Dpit cache files up to the frame number that needed to be rendered. In some cases this could take that long that the frames got redistributed in the mean time. Of course I checked if checking the Dpit cache files was causing the problem, but that doesn’t seem to be so. When I render the scene with the flags, it takes about two hours to render. When I kick out the flags it takes about 15 minutes to render.


great tool!

is this basiccly the only way to bake hair splines in c4d at the moment?



I can’t tell if it is the -only- way but it’s
one of the more efficient ways I know of at least:)



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