Pixologic Superhero, jeff miller (3D)


Title: Pixologic Superhero
Name: jeff miller
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This character was created to promote Pixologic’s Actionhero contest. I created a number of poses and rendered for different banners and ads. It was modeled and textured in zbrush, and rendered in max. It took 6 days to complete.


Great picture and very dynamic final image. DC and Marvel Comics once created this Amalgan-Universe where they created new heroes by combining existing one. Yours looks like a fusion of all of them. Here is what I see:

The lover costume design: Daredevil
The upper costume texture: Aquaman
The star: Cap. America
The belt: Batman
The mask: Flash
The googles: Night Owl
(I read too many comics)

But yours is very original :bowdown: Is the background from The Dark Knight or 3D geometry?



Great work Jeff!

Like Petz said, I can see a lot of different characters in his design - but that’s no bad thing!

I would say that it looks like his torso is too long in this shot. The belt helps break this area up but I get the feeling that if you were to remove it he’d look very ‘stretched’.

I really like the suggestion of the environment. A couple of the glowing embers/ashes in the foreground look a little knocked back/grey, which looks a bit strange (to me).

It would be great to see some of the other poses you did too. :smiley:


wonderful image & very nice look & textures

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


…another F.P.!


Great work man :thumbsup:


great model and textures.


woooooow… Great!! Five Star for me!


This is great. I got only one doubt: the pelvis/hip zone looks too low to me… maybe is the PoV.


Very nice character and pose, great work…!


Very good job here, but maybe the legs are a little bit lower with respect at the other part of the body. But, still is a great image.


Very nice character and pose …amazing …


amazing work, 5 * for sure :drool:


Nice work again Jeff


Great piece! The perfect character to kick off that contest. I liked all the other poses and renderings you had of this guy too.


This one sooo deserves a plug.

congratulations and have fun with it. :slight_smile:


Great work!!
Best regards, Selwy


Really nice !
Another pose for us ?


Great work Jeff!


Superb work…I love the pose of the character…a very strong presence…Keep it up…