Pixelated texture issue


Hello guys im new on Substance Painter, im trying to texturize an old model that i did some months ago, i separated the mesh by materials, and so are the uvs.
There is my problem, as you can see the concrete and bricks texture is kinda pixelated compared to the wood and the roof, im using the same resolution on all of them though, i dont know how to fix this, i tried to scale the wall material and still pixelated, thanks in advance


Ok i found that the problem is that Texel Density is not the same on the walls and on the door, now im facing a problem about this because if i pack all the uvs together ill get the same scale on all of them, the problem is that they are so small that now everything is pixelated, as u can see:

should i just scale them out of my uv layout? thanks again

Edit1: if i scale it out of the uv grid i get good quality materials on substance but im also getting tiled baked maps :confused: what am i doing wrong?