Pixar's Senior Scientist explains math's relation to movies and games



Computer animation, DeRose says, frequently deals with modeling objects at greater scale and detail than even physicists typically deal with in their computations. Much of his work involves finding better algorithms to intelligently approximate this kind of scale without sacrificing detail. “Directors will say, ‘oh, it’s just a small thing in the background, we’ll never see it.’ Directors lie,” DeRose explained. And if every time a director changed his or her mind, objects or characters had to have their underlying physics redesigned from scratch, it would be impossible for Pixar to make a movie every year, with four teams working at once.


Thanks but the mere mention of the M word puts me off looking. :thumbsup:


Well, if you didn’t read it then you missed this remark by Pixar Senior Scientist Tony DeRose:

It ties into what George Lucas predicted years ago with the explosion of people being able to make their own VFX films.


George Lucas is probably right. The local college had a showing last year of some short movies, adverts and teasers done by current and former students. I’m no movie expert, but I have to say I was bowled over by some of the stuff I seen. Knowing quite a few of those lads and girls personally, I have an idea of where they are going and have seen some of them make animated actors that I just can’t tell from the real live ones.
My Dad came to the college showing just to see what all this CG stuff is about, and it was the first time I seen him stare in disbelief. He said that watching the totally CG produced advert clips was like seeing his photography livliehood going down the drain, and he may as well hang up his cameras soon. The CG actors, well he couldn’t belief they were CG. Uncanny Valley might soon be a thing of the past, and it could be lads working away at home in attics and garages who crack it.


Any of these clips on YouTube or Vimeo by any chance?


Some of them probably are. I’ll ask the lads and post links of any that are up.


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