Pixar's One man band is available from Itunes.


Just a heads up.

The title says it all , you can now buy it for $2 from itunes.


Never bought anything from Itunes, but this short clip is certainly worth $2. For those of you who haven’t seen the short clip at the theatres, it is wonderfully done. The only problem is, towards the end, it’s hard to tell if the “little girl” is just a little girl or some older lady in the garb of a child.


aha pollo… i was thinking the same thing


Wow, I didnt read that into it at all! Actually, i think this is the weakest Pixar short. It didnt make me laugh and i dont like the strange empty world. It feels like its missing a decent punchline too. Thats where MY 2c is anyway!


Does anyone know the resolution? Is it for video iPods? I don’t have an iPod at all but would love to get this if it were much above the resolution of the preview video.


yea the resolution is for video ipods.


So that preview is the actual resolution? :sad:

When it’s downloaded, is it in regular .mov format?

I loved it, and since I don’t think I’ll purchase the Cars DVD, I’ll need to acquire this short! :slight_smile:


Oh no, I was assuming at least a moderate/high resolution. :frowning: Glad I never got Itunes figured out :smiley:


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