PIXAR RenderMan for Maya 1.0 Unveiled


[left]August 9, 2004[/left]

Pixar is pleased to unveil RenderMan® for Maya®, a new rendering solution based on Pixar’s award-winning rendering technology. RenderMan for Maya brings the power of RenderMan to new audiences with this easy to use plug-in, available at the low price of $995.

Easy to use Power

RenderMan for Maya enjoys complete integration with Maya®. Just switch your renderer to “RenderMan” and automatically render everything in your Maya scene, including Maya materials, Maya particles, and Maya fur.

Provides a Select Set of Features

RenderMan for Maya is a perfect fit for small studios who covet movie-quality images but do not require the premium features of RenderMan Pro Server. The software has been streamlined for ease of use, giving Maya users one-click access to Pixar’s core rendering technology, the PhotoRealistic RenderMan renderer.

“Pixar and Alias have a long standing tradition cemented by our mutual customers, who have created the most compelling and successful films using our combined technologies,” said Bob Bennett, general manager of product management at Alias. “The availability of an affordable integrated rendering solution from Pixar will make many Maya artists happy. We’re confident that users will love how the engineers at Pixar took advantage of Maya’s unified rendering interface. Now the proven power and stability of PRMan is even more accessible to Maya artists.” [left]Entering beta testing soon, RenderMan for Maya will be available on computers running Mac OS X or Windows XP.[/left]
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[left]Source: https://renderman.pixar.com/[/left]

[left]It looks like Pixar tries to popularize it’s PRMan via new entry level product. Can’t wait to see what kind of limitations are there in contrast to Pro Server version in combo with RAT. This one is an integrated solution not like RAT+Pro Server… [/left]
[left]PRMan for begginers :)[/left]


The announcements from Siggraph don’t stop do they!

What’s next? A Cinema4D plugin for Photoshop??


mmm…seems like the growing popularity of mental ray got them a bit worried!
which is fair enough :slight_smile:
cant say if is going to be a good or bad thing until i have more info…but if it’s not too stripped down, it might be pretty cool…

in any event, this is cool news!!

you gotta love the news that comes out of Siggraph! :smiley:


Cinema 4d plugin 4 photoshop… eeee, what?:shrug:


It was just the first crazy announcement I could think of.



you mean, direct 3d model export to photoshop :thumbsup:

Couse cinema can allready export render images with layers to pds files… multipass.


if you can still write your own shaders this should be awesome. A dream come true.


couldn’t RENDERMAN ARTIST TOOL do the job? or maybe this is a competition with Mental Image which is going to hand over all major commercial 3d application rendering engines?


Well, I could see this coming. Mental Images for the past few years have been giving 3D software makers offers to bundle their renderer in, and this pressure I assume is affecting profit and upcoming adoption of renderman.

I look forward to seeing some features and comparison chart, and the odd screenshot of the editors would be much appreciated too Pixar :wink:


Yes but it’s not integrated into maya like mental ray, if I’m reading this correctly, this new renderman will work in a more seemless fasion like MR. This would be great for SubD users since MR still dosent support SUBd’s 100 percent.


RAT is not compatible with Maya shading networks, MayaFur, etc…

The philosophy of RAT was to do you modeling and animation in Maya, and everything else you would use RAT and renderman for.

This means that we can use Rendermans superior motion blur, and speed all in Maya and it’s CHEAP! Which is the best of all!

This is awsome…best news out of siggraph so far.


i wonder what the NURBS performance will be like?


:eek: Ok I’ll be getting this, too damn cool. The speed and stability of Prman are simply unmatched.


hmm. interesting. How are the rendering licenses/processor costs split though? We all know MR is exhorbitant. so it this going to be better?


I have to start a list of all the great new tools I’ll be needing from SIGGRAPH then trim off the excess. This one won’t be trimmed. :buttrock:


Corel Photo-Paint has had 3D DXF import since forever.

Not that I’ve ever found a use for it.


G R E A T News!

Seems that we Maya users finally get some decent renderers - Vray, Final Render, Renderman integrated into Maya… hell, yes! :slight_smile:


Yes but it’s not integrated into maya like mental ray, if I’m reading this correctly, this new renderman will work in a more seemless fasion like MR. This would be great for SubD users since MR still dosent support SUBd’s 100 percent.

Hope they will support some custom attributes like edge/vertex creases, since Maya subdivs is a mockery on subdivision surfaces at all with their “sharp-mid-smooth” creases… :banghead:


Humm, I’ve never used Renderman. Does it’s motion blur render faster? Cause mental ray’s motion blur takes a while to render.


PRMAN’s Motion Blur is the best in the business. No one is able to touch PRMAN when it comes to Motion Blur, or fast sub-pixel displacement for that matter.