Pixar quality short: texture artist + lighter needed


Project Summary:

[li]Pre-production stages of a very high quality character animation short.[/li][li]Rigging was done by a well known and published rigger.[/li][li]Very experienced animation team. Highest standards on peformance and quality.[/li][li]Quality level focused to be that of a Pixar short.[/li][/ul]Seeking:
[li]Talented texture artist- all the UV mapping is completed. Just need skillful maps painted. See attached image. Cartoony/hyper-real texture style. See image below.[/li][li]Lighter/renderer- Maya preferred. Rendering open for suggestion. Prefer subsurface scatter effect.[/li][/ul]***All skill levels to be considered. Must possess desire to create highest quality art. Chosen candidate should possess a passion for this project.

Style Examples:

[li]humans in Ratatouille[/li][li]Frozone of the Incredibles[/li][li]Monster House characters[/li][li]See image below.[/li][/ul]Please post your interest or email me at gibble@hotmail.com. Please provide examples.

Thank you.


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