Pixar Chief Steve Jobs Recovering from Cancer Surgery



Steve Jobs, the founder and chief executive of Apple Computer (AAPL:Nasdaq - commentary - research), underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer over the weekend. The 49-year-old Jobs expects to spend the month recuperating from the successful procedure, he told employees in a companywide email. The stock was down $1.04, or 3.2%, to $31.30. The stock is up from the low $20s in February, a run-up that reflects investor confidence in Jobs’ efforts to revitalize the company through a new line of Macintosh computers and the popular iPod digital music player.

Tim Cook, Apple’s sales and operations chief, will run the company in Jobs’ absence, Apple said. At Pixar (PIXR:Nasdaq - commentary - research), where Jobs is also chief executive, president Ed Catmull will take day-to-day control until Jobs recovers. "




Thats a hard lesson to learn. Becoming one of the richest men on earth, just to find out that you have cancer before even turning 50.
Vanity vanity vanity…


How is him contracting cancer, vain?


chadtheartist: read my post more carefully. BTW i’ve nothing against the person of Steve Jobs, he’s done many great things, Pixar being one of them.


Contracting cancer is not a lesson to be learned. Being rich nor poor makes any difference when your life is at stake. I didn’t understand why you said “Vanity, Vanity, Vanity…” as if it was intentional of Steve to use this to better his image.

I misunderstood your post I think. But I still don’t think this is a life lesson. You can’t control cancer, and you can’t prepare for it.


On the contrary, i do strongly believe that cancer is one of the strongest lessons in life. It brings people down to earth, to realise how fragille they are, and nommater how many billions they have, at the end they are no different than the bum living in a cardboard down the street. Gaining more money than you will ever need, thats vanity. I can’t explain my post anybetter for you. And anyway thats just my humble opinion, i don’t intent to start moral discussions on CGtalk.


I’m also confused as to why you ended with “vanity vanity vanity…” what does that have to do with it?


oh well … hope he feels better …

Dennik, i got what you meant :slight_smile: anyone see scarface? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing how this effects share holders confidence. In a way it shows that people are investing in him alone. Anyway I wish him a quick recovery and everyone else who has to suffer from that terrible disease.


Over at MacRumors.com they have the letter he wrote to Apple employees, which explains that it is a rare form of pancreatic cancer, one that is completely curable. Most forms of pancreatic cancer are terminal within about a year, but this one was not only caught early, but curable. And he bragged in the letter that he wrote the email in his hospital bed with his powerbook and airport extreme. Good ol Steve. Anything for a sales pitch.

I hope for a speedy and full recovery.

And Dennik, I’m not sure what you were trying to say, but you should hush before you sound even less sympathetic. No one, regardless of how “wealthy” they are deserves cancer. And Im also pretty sure that wealthy people are fully aware of their fragility.

SJ is a pretty cool cat. He’s a family guy with two amazingly successful, trendy, cool, artistic, and quality-filled companies.


Get well soon Steve. :slight_smile:



Its ok Dennik, I understood what you ment :slight_smile: And yeah, I understand your scareface referance too :thumbsup:

Hope Stven gets better, Ed should be working on renderman, not messing with delagating things :wink: GL Steve


An apple a day keeps the doctor away…


No different? So you think there would be no difference if you replaced Steve Jobs with a bum on the street? Wonder how Pixar and Apple would fare with a bum for a CEO.


It also kills people. That’ll teach 'em. :rolleyes:

Ooh! Or maybe prank shows like “Punked” can incorporate that in some way for you.

Ashton Kutcher: “Haha! We gave you Cancer! You got PUNKED!!!”

Justin Timberlake: “Doh! You guys punked me good. I’ll get you back for this one. Ha ha ha!!!”


Although i’m more than willing to start writing in how many ways you are wrong and how terribly you are twisting my words to make me sound like a fool, i’d rather pass. Its my opinion. You either understand it or you don’t. Its fine by me.


I think what Dennik is saying is that cancer makes someone aware of how precious life is, and also makes them aware that no one’s life is more important than anyone elses life. All life is priceless, the amount of money the victim has doesn’t make them more/less in need then someone that has more/less money. That’s what you were getting at, right? :slight_smile:


I hope so. Just the vanity thing threw me off since that doesn’t work for a single, working mother who can get it just as easily as the rich guy.

Sorry, just a little personal.


humm I wonder how the bumm on the street will find out that he has cancer and if it is curable how he will pay for operation/medicine?

they are very different the bumm can die of an easily curable disease because he does not know he has it or because he has no money for surgery.


He said: “In the end” not at the beginning of the end during the diagnostic phase.

In the end. Death is death. We all are going there.