PIX: low quality line during drawing


well i have a problem that really makes me cry, lines’ def is really poor, see the CS:

any idea of how to solve that? i searched in the option to get a better def but i didn t find,( and it s not a resolution probleme, actual screen shot is taken in 1500/1500 :))


what is your zoom? if it’s anything other than 100%, 50% 25% etc then your lines will look like this (and even then really if it’s anything other than 100%).


huummm the line is clean at 100% zoom, but only at 100% :confused: I don t like that i never draw at 100% :p, i could have a perfect line whenever i wanted in Painter 6 :wise:


I don’t have painter here, so I can’t tell exact name but there should be something about how to calculate zoomed-out view on the preferences dialog.


i guess thats the way it looks like when you zoom out especially because you are viewing it in a resolution which is not the same as the actual res.


i still haven t find the solution, it doesn t do it on painter 6 or PS, so i think this is something to set under the software, hey Augustus, if you find the fix, i m waiting for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Use Edit > Preferences > General, and check the Draw zoomed out views using area averaging box.

On my WinXP Home SP2 system, screen set to 1280 x 1024, the following zoom percents retain smooth lines display:


At 12.5% it’s hard to tell for sure, but it does seem a little better with the box checked.

In Edit > Preferences > General, you can set Magnifier Increments to 25% then click with the Magnifier tool to zoom in or hold down the Alt/Option key and click with the Magnifier tool to zoom out. Double-click the Magnifier tool icon to return to 100% zoom.
Or, if you prefer, choose the preset zoom increments from the Property Bar’s zoom percent drop down list.


oki, so there s no fix, i ll just use the 100, 50 and 25 zoom … :slight_smile:
thx for your answer Jinbrown !


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