Pix from Unofficial CGTalk Lunch


It was great meeting everyone - next year we’ll announce it further ahead of time so more people can attend. Here are the pictures from the lunch:


(I’m the guy in the red shirt with the i on it, I’m only in 262 and 265 because I took the others.)



And I’m the guy in the other red one (featured prominently in #254).


and i’m the guy in the white collared shirt leaning forward in #255


Hey that is not only a “red shirt with the i on it” it is an “Incredibles” shirt. :slight_smile:
You’re a super hero :thumbsup:


That looks really nice :smiley: Too bad I missed it :cry:


I’m the one that looks like my avatar in pic 255


Oh, is that why you’re holding your chin in all the shots (262, etc.) Next time we should print out the who’s-going thread so people can wear their avatars as nametags.



It was just me trying to look smooth, but ultimately failed.

But the avatar tag idea would be cool, yet different at the same time. No more nametags, “Avatartags”.


Coulda been bigger I spose and it would’ve been nice if it’d been easier to tell who was who-- I forgot my avatar tag.

Anyhow, I’m the woman WITHOUT blue hair. (that’s Polyester)


tis me in 262, the second from the right. i’ve got my thick black glasses, black sleeves on the gray 2003 tshirt :slight_smile:

i definitely had a good time, thanks for getting this all together.


i missed it cause i overslept =[ i woke up at 2:30pm =[ =[ looked like you all had a good time


If you really want original resolution (please only download if you need them):




Looks like lots of fun… Wish I was there with youse guys and girls :frowning: Damn deadlines cries


Sorry guys I could not be there, becuase it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
There was a work emergency I had to attend to at the same time as the

I promise next year ill be there.



I am with Roberto here and have to apologize for missing it, especially when I said I’d make it. My friend and I ended up accidentally getting on the #14 bus instead of the #10 and ended up in east bumf* Culver City and had to wait forever to catch another bus back and by the time we got back to Santa Monica to catch the right bus, we couldn’t have made it in. Next year though for sure. Going to be a little more organized with the whole SIGGRAPH thing next year as well, since this was my first time going.


Heh, I meant the group who came, not the pics!


It was fun guys! Too bad we were only twenty or so people making it up, but to meet up with everyone was awesome (even though i knew only Jeremy, Sheldon and Andrew :stuck_out_tongue: or even heard of them before :wink: … sorry… You too jason.)

Let’s do it again next year? brewery again?

P.S: Why is there a banned cgtalk member wearing a cgtalk shirt in the picture?


thanks jeremy for the lunch party.
I was looking out for you at the renderman usergroup meeting but I guess I missed you there.
thanks again


I think the consensus was that this is worth doing again next year, but only if it gets announced/agreed upon much earlier so more people can make it. So here we go:

1:30 pm
Tuesday, August 2, 2005
The Bonaventure Brewing Co.

See you,



Darn Student Volunteer shift kept me away this year, but I’m hoping to be back next year… we’ll see.