Piwooz - Inspiration Project (2019)


Do you like emotionals stories? Well i’am going to make a short animation with some beautiful illustration but I would love to have your feedbacks :slight_smile:

I work with Photoshop(last version) + Cintiq(the small one) ^^

Just to present myself quickly, My name is Giovanni GASPARETTO, i’am french(and Italian) I was an 3D lead animator at Macguff (worked with Autodesk Maya), I developed mobile game (with Unity) as a freelance and i have other activities in movies. And i’am going to develop a brand called Piwooz.

  • The idea of the first story is to confort people around a dream we have when we take the road to our futur. So let’s see how that’s looks like :slight_smile:

Below is the first illustration I made.

Thank you so much, have the best day !!:blush:


Hey guys I worked on my second illustration. I tried to make the tempest more alive, and I used the color code of the ship navigation. Red for left and green for right.

Below is the illustration

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Have the best day!


I was making an new illustration for the project. I was wondering what do you think of the color and composition? :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile: