Pity the Poor Cthulhu Family, Michelle Boulad (2D)


Title: Pity the Poor Cthulhu Family
Name: Michelle Boulad
Country: Australia
Software: Painter

One moment they’re basking in the gloriously feeble rays of a distant sun on a fantastically far away planet, when they suddenly find themselves sucked through a unexplainable vortex to a different dimension. Oh! The fabulously hideous colours and blindingly painful bright light! The horrifically monsterous beasts!

Oh! Pity them! Those poor Cthulhus…

Yeah, I’m reading Lovecraft, sorry for the feeble attempt at recreating his writing style… I love the guy, but his overly florid use of adjectives gets to me sometimes.


Painter, wacom intuos and about 20 hours for the painting. The line drawing is at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/60859558/ if anyone is interested.


Ahaan thats a kool work indeed…U have beautified it wid ur own style of work…Looking nice and soft…A cat and doggie is looking good there…All the best…Take carez…Cheers:)


he!he!he! I’ve never seen a so personnal interpretation of the mighty one from R’lyeh, really good idea and interpretation!


Hasan, thank you for your comment :smiley: It’s a bit of silly fluff, but I’m glad you enjoyed it (and hope it made you laugh!)

Mucus, thank you, nice to get a comment from someone who has read Lovecraft :wink: The goofy-ness of this is probably lost on anyone who hasn’t lol BTW, I enjoyed seeing your recent posting, very nice!


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