Pirospire, WIP


Hello everyone!

I’ve got a question revolving around an animation sequence & I’m not sure
at what level to “apply” the overall process.

I’m trying to animate a Tattoo on a 3D mesh (Maya).
*It’s a tribal tattoo that’s called “Pirospire”.
A good example of the overall idea is the Cursed Seal from Naruto (or
the rose from Carrie).

Basically in it’s dormant phase, it looks just like a regular tattoo.
When activated, the users “spiritual essence” manifests and it
changes the shape of the tattoo depending on the overall power
of the individuals spirit. *Meaning at some point it could cover
the “hosts” entire body.

My current running software:
Maya 8.5
Photoshop CS3
Zbrush 2.0

Any help would be much appreciated!
Cory. B


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