pirates come!- tangzhiheng, ZhiHeng Tang (3D)


Title: pirates come!- tangzhiheng
Name: ZhiHeng Tang
Country: China
Software: Lightwave 3D, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

hi everyone:
here are work process and improved, i put in cgtalk WIP form:

this is my last creation, base on a farmous actor, i use the maya to model, and use zbrush to make the highrez model, rendering it in lightwave , and use the sasquatch to make hair, use photoshop to make texture and correct the color of final render,

comment are wellcome
hope you like it!


Jack Sparrow:applause: Great work!
I love this.Keep it up.


shi*t this is on of the BEST cg portraits ever

brilliant work!

front page


Nice work, the face and the eyes look awesome!


Wow! Really impressive work!!
I think you need a new award! :wink:

If your computer can handle it, it would be really nice to have a little bit more segments for the hair.
Then it’s just perfect!


woooo that’s impressive…:applause:
nice work…:applause:


Good to see this guy sitting finally civilised in a photo studio… Joke aside - i like this version much better than the one with photo background. Superb materials and a smart looking Jack Sparrow - very well done! :thumbsup:


Amazing work!


Amazing work. Usually the 3d characters look fake in the eyes, but yours it’s perfect!


expert work
congrats 5*


uhunnnn man loved it.as a pirate fan top notch… :applause: :wip: :bowdown:


This is a very good job .I would like to see the textures and wireframe model


Well done! Amazing creation. Listen, can you give a tip for the hair? I mean how you did those! Amazing! Maybe you should make a tutorial! Keep working!


Congrats man :applause:, one of the best portrait of Jack Sparrow that i’ve seen.


Excellent! Very good likeness.


Amazing work. It’s a master piece on texturing.



Wow Just I HAve To Say WoW What TheHell


The texturing part is awesome
you are great


hi i post the more detail for you.

comment are well come.




Super work!! Front page!