Hi all,

I have been working on this Pirate guy now for a while, well, a few months. Done in Cinema 4D and Bodypaint. Have been posting updates at the Cinema 4D forum

and thought I maybe should bring it over here.




very cool! stubble of the beard seems more put on then grown.

eyes look brillant but the ear looks as though it has frozen. there should be alot more blood circulating through the ear.

love the texture on the neck though it may be overstated in some places. also, try to get a good skin shader on it soon so we can see what it looks like with some subsurface scattering.

far check seems to have something odd about it. like there is a deep wound right under the eye. I think it cuts into the check bone too much.

good luck.



great model, textures are going very good. I think that the ear is lacking detail in comparison with the rest of the face and neck, just a thought, keep it up and keep us posted.



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