Pirate Mothership views, Nick Jacoubowsky (3D)


Title: Pirate Mothership views

Name: Nick Jacoubowsky

Country: USA

Software: Carrara Photo-Paint

Submitted: 17th August 2016

Another final image of my mothership. So, what makes it go? Strap yourself in. This is going to be a bumpy explanation. This mothership travels by means of There Drive. TD (also known as Whereness Transposition Flight but rarely referred to that way because the acronym is considered to be in poor taste) functions on the darkest physics principle of Whereness (discovered by Professor Paffleman The Unctuous in the Third Epoch of Special Events). This principle states that a particle’s position in space is a physical property of that particle, and it is a property that can be changed directly from one location to another location instantaneously. Old fashioned Kinetic Transposition (i.e. normal movement) involves shifting a particle through an infinite number points in space which, obviously, takes a lot of time and energy and is really boring. Whereness Transposition simply shifts the particle directly from Here to There, instantaneously bypassing all those boring infinite points in between. TD takes this subatomic principle and applies it to a single large object, such as, for example, a ginormous spaceship belonging to a megalomaniacal, narcissistic, sociopathic villain and his amoral, gullible followers. The top of the ship is the leading edge in interstellar flight (although the word “flight” isn’t quite appropriate — “jitters” is better since the ship engaged in TD jumps from point to point to point to point, etc.). TD functions as follows. Hereum (a plasma distillation of Hereness from local space) is accumulated in Accretion Dishes at the top. It is then cascaded over the sides of the ship to the Collector Arcs below. From there, it enters the Transposition Converter where it is converted to Thereum (a plasma distillation for where you want to go). But Thereum can’t be released directly on Hereum infused particles. That would just blow things up. So a sample of Hereum is also cascaded from the Accretion Dishes to the Differential Core at the rear of the ship which also receives the manufactured Thereum. It then uses both elements to produce a Delta Burst that transposes the entire ship at once. But be warned, TD isn’t a “free lunch”. There are a few negative aspects to it, such as Shear Stress. Shear Stress is micro-shear fractures in the body of the ship that is most pronounced in the leading edge of the ship and decreases the further back you go. It can be mostly eliminated with a containment field, but there is still significant shearing in the leading 4-5 feet of ship. This is bad for solid materials but not gelatin. Therefore, the entire top (leading edge) of the ship is covered with a 10 foot thick layer of self-healing gel. This acts as a protective roof for the entire ship below it. And that’s how you go from Here to There in a Pirate Mothership.


Now to talk about the inhabitants of this ship. They’re a bunch of creeps. More specifically, they are an alien race that preys on successful civilizations because they’ve ruined their own world. Their own civilization is stagnant, making no progress whatsoever. They wallow in the distant past, revisiting both imagined glory days and ancient grudges. They are ruled over by a King who conducts bizarre rituals blending self-praise, self-pity and xenophobic diatribes. Their flag reflects this view, depicting themselves as a god-like predator harvesting the unworthy, degenerate, blandly blob-like civilizations. Ironically though, they actually envy those same civilizations–not that they would admit it. Because they are stagnant, they must resort to stealing techological advances from the worlds they attack. They believe themselves to be the greatest, but they are, essentially, just grubby pirates.

The habitable part of the ship consists of castles which hang beneath the upper hull (which itself contains mostly hangar space). The King’s castle is at the front just behind the fin and it is populated primarily with sycophants, bullies and connivers. Arrayed behind it are various castles, each of which is a small city ruled by a sub-government (and even with variations of accent). At each side of the ship in the middle are the Hunter’s castles which have the fighter launch shafts, the maintenance bays and house the fighter pilots. Farthest back is the Engineer’s castle which has the best view in the ship, a panorama of all the castles and understructure of the ship. A quirk of this ship’s society is that the farther one’s castle is away from the King’s castle, the less loyalty one feels to the King and the more loyalty one feels to the Engineer. The feeling is that the Engineer keeps this ship functioning and thus out of trouble, while the King gets the ship into trouble. But the King is scary…and crazy. So proximity determines loyalty.


See my other post for video flyby.